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    Biocobal (Mecobalamin) injection is important for red blood cell production, nerve health, and in the functioning of the brain.

    It regulates the functions like protein synthesis and cell multiplication. Its main purpose is to cover the deficiency of B12 in people.

    Package Contains: It contains 10×1 ml ampoules.



    Each 1ml ampoule contains:


    [Surge Specs.]

    Dosage: Usual adult dose is one ampoule three times in a week or as directed by the doctor.


    It is used in Megaloblastic Anemia.

    Also, it is used in Peripheral Neuropathy.

    (Nerve pain in hands and feet)


    To be sold on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.

    Avoid freezing and injection should not be used if container is leaking, solution is cloudy, or it contains undissolved particles. Contact your doctor if you feel allergic to it.

    Side effects: A list of side effects are follows: Weakness, Vomiting, Pruritis, Skin rash, Tightness of the throat, Decreased appetite, Urticaria, and Sweating.

    Instructions: Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture. Improper storage ay deteriorates the medicine. For detailed information, indications, dosage and use please see enclosed leaflet.

    Biocobal back


    Manufactured by: Surge Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd.

    You can buy online from: Biocobal DVAGO


    By: Zunaira Liaqat

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