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    Gravibinan (Hydroxyprogesterone caproate – Estradiol valerate) injection contain 2ml solution in one Ampoule. It is for intramuscular injection used only. It is used in the treatment of threatened miscarriage and other indications and as a form of combined injectable birth control to prevent pregnancy.

    Package Contains: Each package contains 1 Amp. Of 2ml (1X2ml) of Gravibinan injection.



    Each ml contains:

    • Hydroxyprogesterone caproate USP 250mg
    • Estradiol valerate USP 5mg in oily solution.
    • For intramuscular injection.
    • Mfg. Bayer Specification.

    Therapeutic Indication: Prophylaxis of abortion, and threatened abortion.

    Contraindications: This injection is contraindicated in a history of herpes of pregnancy, thromboembolic processes.

    Dosage & Method of Administration:

    • Like all oily solutions Gravibinan must be injected intramuscularly.
    • Experiences shows that the short-lasting reactions (urge to cough, coughing fits, respiratory distress) which occur in rare cases during or immediately after the injection of oily solutions can be avoided by injecting the solution extremely slowly.


    • Acute toxicity studies showed that progesterone injection is to be classified as practically non-toxic.
    • No risk of toxicity is to be expected even after inadvertent single administration of a multiple of the dose required for therapy.


    • Store below 30°C.
    • Protect from heat, moisture, and sunlight.
    • Keep out of the reach of the children.
    • To be used according to the physician advice.
    • Direction for use enclosed.
    • To be sold by a retailer on the prescription of a Registered Medical Practioner only.
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    It is manufactured by Bayer Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

    You can buy this drug online at:


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