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    Prebica (Pregabalin) capsules are used to treat pain caused by spinal cord injuries, fibromyalgia, and herpes zoster.

    Uses: It is used for the treatment of diabetes. It is a pain killer, so it is used to treat nerves damaged by diabetes.

    Working: It changes the path of nerves that send messages to the brain. In this way, it lessens the pain (reduces pain). It also increases the effectiveness of sleep quality in patients.

    Package Contains: It contains 14 capsules of 50mg.



    Each capsule contains:

    Pregabalin 50mg

    (Panacea’s Specifications).

    Dosage: As directed by the physician.


    This medication passes into breast milk so talk to your doctor before breastfeeding. During pregnancy do not take this type of drug without a doctor’s prescription i.e., if necessary.

    Medicines which are interacting with this drug include Tramadol, Lisinopril, and Trazodone.

    Do not use a heavy type of machinery after using this drug. Also please do not drive a car after taking this medicine.

    Patients taking thiazolidinedione anti-hyperglycemic agent with pregabalin also experience peripheral edema.

    Side effects:

    It can cause side effects as described below:

    Prebica back


    Feeling sleepy

    Dry eyes




    Dry mouth


    Weight gain may occur.

    Instructions: Protect from heat, moisture & sunlight. Keep medicines out of the reach of children. Store below 30°C.


    Marketed by: Olene Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. OLENE – Olene Pharma Ceuticals

    Manufactured by: Panacea Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. Panacea Pharmaceuticals Pakistan

    You can buy online from: PREBICA 50MG


    By: Zunaira Liaqat

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