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    Sibelium (flunarizine hydrochloride) are 2 x 6 Capsules of 5 mg.

    Package contains: The pack contains 2 x 6 Capsules and an enclosed leaflet.



    Each capsule contains:

    Flunarizine HCI (Ph. Eur) 5.9mg equivalent to 5mg Flunarizine.

    Dosage: As prescribed by the physician. For details see enclosed leaflet. This medicine is also available in other dosage levels. Consult the doctor or physician for proper dosage level and duration.


    The capsules aid in the treatment of migraine-type headaches. It can help in getting fewer headaches or less painful headaches.

    Other uses of this medicine include the treatment of treat vestibular vertigo which is concerned with ear problems.

    Precautions and warnings:

    Sibelium 2

    Do not store above 30°C.

    Protect from light and moisture.

    Use the capsules for oral purpose only.

    Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

    Do not smash or crush the capsule before swallowing.

    Side effects:

    Flunarizine hydrochloride can cause hypersensitivity in some patients.

    Normal side effects include dizziness, mood swings, and weakness.

    If any other side effect appears or persists, contact the doctor immediately.

    Manufacturing and purchasing:

    Sibelium is manufactured by Aspin Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd.

    To buy these capsules online in different dosage levels, go to the following store:


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