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    Betagenic Cream and Ointment

    Betagenic Cream is composed of Betamethasone Dipropionate and Gentamycin.

    Betamethasone Dipropionate is widely used for skin diseases and problems such as allergy, redness, psoriasis, and other initial to serious skin syndromes.

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    Gentamycin on the other hand is antibacterial and used to treat internal inflammations, infections, and other maladies within the body.

    Both these components are combined to work together and cure skin problems.

    This cream is usually applied externally and no tablet or capsule is yet available for this medicine.

    The directions for the usage of this cream are not described on the package of cream, hence it must be applied as recommended by the doctor or physician on the affected area.

    Betagenic is also available in form of ointment and it is suggested to use gauze after applying this ointment but consulting the doctor is necessary before undertaking it.

    The components used in the manufacturing of cream are harmful to the sensitive areas of the skin. It must not be applied to the face or for a long time to any area of the skin.

    It is recommended to do a skin test before applying the cream to prevent any side effects.

    A skin test is simply done by applying a small amount on the back of your hand and leaving it for a while to see for any allergic reaction.

    Minor side effects may include redness on the skin, itching, and rashes. Major side effects vary from skin type to type of skin problem. This medicine must not be used on delicate areas of skin unless prescribed by a doctor.

    Betagenic is manufactured by Atco Pharma, the detail about this cream and ointment is available on the official website of Atco Laboratories.

    The cream and ointment are available in the stores and many websites such as,, and many other online stores.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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