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Argan oil

    Argan oil

    Argan oil

    Argan oil is made with natural essential oils. Each package contains 30 ml e 1.01fl oz oil in a glass bottle & leaflet. It is also available in 60 ml & 120 ml.


    30 ml e Argan oil

    Sac Argan oil is made with natural essential oil:

    It is extracted from Argan seeds and is one of the most useful natural oil.

    Argan seeds falls in July when black and dry. Until this happens, goats are kept out of the Argan woodlands by wardens. Rights to collect the fruit are controlled by law and village traditions.

    The leftover nuts are gathered after consumption and spit out by ruminating goats. Seeds spat out by the goats constitute an overlooked mechanism of seed dispersal.

    It is produced by serval women’s co-operatives in the south-western parts of Morocco. The most labor-intensive part of oil extraction is the removal of the soft pulp (used to feed animals) and the cracking by hand, between two stones, of the hard nut.

    The seeds are then removed and gently roasted. This roasting accounts for part of the oil’s distinctive, nutty flavor. Above information, is a said, properties of the oil’s given by the nature.

    Caution: *Exercise caution and do your research before using essential oils on the skin, even undiluted.

    Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

    Argan oil back

    Manufacturer and buying:

    It is manufactured by: Sac S.Amden Group of companies.

    This is a link to the manufactured below:

    You can buy it online at this link: m

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