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Jojoba oil

    Jojoba oil

    Jojoba oil

    Jojoba oil is made with natural essential oils.

    Package contains: Each package contains 30 ml of oil in a glass bottle & leaflet. It is also available in 60 ml & 120 ml.

    Jojoba oil

    Ingredients: 30 ml e Jojoba oil

    Sac Jojoba is made with natural essential oil:

    It is extracted from Jojoba and is one of the most useful natural oil.

    Jojoba, with the botanical name Simmondsia Chinensis, and also known as goat nut, deer nut, pignut, wild hazel, quinine nut, coffeeberry, and gray box bush, is native to southwestern North America.

    Uses: It can be used for skin and hair remedies. It contains a soothing fragrance as well. It is really easy to use.

    Jojoba can be applied directly to the skin for acne, psoriasis, sunburn, and chapped skin. It is also used topically to encourage the regrowth of hair in people who are balding.

    In manufacturing, jojoba is used as an ingredient in shampoo; lipstick; makeup; cleansing products; and face, hand, and body lotions.

    Caution: *Exercise caution and do your research before using essential oils on the skin, even undiluted.

    Jojoba oil back


    Keep in cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

    Manufacturer and buying:

    Jojoba is manufactured by: Sac S.Amden Group of companies.

    This is a link to the manufactured below:

    You can buy it online at this link:

    Or you can buy it at any Cosmetic shop or pharmacy nearby you.

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