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T11 Eye Bright

    T11 Eye Bright

    T11 Eye Bright solution is used to wash the eye  in case of any actual emergency regarding eye sensitivity problem, whether it produces dust from air or any type of infection which may occur due to any accidental movement. It provides sudden comfortable zone within no time.

    Manufactured by: Mektum Homoeo Pharma.

    Available at:

    Package contains:

    T11 Eye Bright

    Each package contains plastic dropper bottle with 30ml solution approximately.


    Arnica 0.75ml.

    Belladonna 0.75ml.

    Gelsemium 0.75ml.

    Jaborandi 0.75ml.

    Ruta 1.50ml.

    All these ingredients are safe for eyes and used to treat different infections.


    It is used as suddenly eye washer in case of eye infection.


    10-15 drops 3-4 times daily in some water or as directed by the physician.


    T11 Eye Bright back

    *Before using, shake it well.

    *Use only in swear type of eye infection.

    *Use directly in eye and close your eyes for 1 minute approximately.

    *Store below 30⁰.

    *Protect from heat and sunlight.

    *Do not wipe the dropper tip.


    Use the dropper within four weeks after open the dropper tip.

    Keep away from the children.

    Check expiry date before using.


    Use only with the suggestion of physician.

    Excess amount of dosage may create any other type of infection in eye.

    You can feel burning, stinging or If it get worse, immediately consult your physician.


    By: Hamna Ghufran

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