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Mede Cran

    Mede Cran

    Mede Cran pouch is Cranberry juice Extract plus Vitamin C. It is the new improved formula a completely natural way to Prevent or Manage Urinary Tract Infections.

    Helps support the inequity of bladder walls to promote urinary health. Vitamin C supports Immune System. It is used as a dietary supplement.

    Mede Cran helps to prevent and reduce the symptoms of urinary tract infection naturally by providing relief from pain and burning sensation and maintaining a healthy urinary tract.

    It prevents the adhesion of infection-causing bacteria (E.coli) & helpful to prevent urinary tract infection, the same bacterial anti-adhesion property has also been found against the bacteria that causes stomach ulcerH.pylori & dental cavities forming bacteria (streptococcus mutans).

    Mede Cran offers demonstrated efficacy against the bacteria that cause UTI. Bacterial adherence to mucosal cell (host cell surface membrane) is an initial step in the development of infection.

    Mede Cran

    Package contains: Each package contains 10 sachets.


    Each sachet contains:

    Cranberry Extract (USP) 200mg.

    Vitamin C (USP) 20mg.

    Direction to Use: Mix the contents of the pouch in a glass of water, stir and use immediately. Do not store opened pouch, must be used immediately.

    Dosage: Use one-two Pouch daily or as advised by the physician.

    Mede Cran back

    Storage Condition:

    Store below 25°C.

    Protect from direct sunlight, heat & moisture.

    Keep out of the reach of children.

    This is a nutritional product.


    It is manufactured by Paragon. This is a link to the manufactured below: https://www.paragon ^(

    You can buy Mede Cran from your nearest pharmacy. ^(

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