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Self pregnancy test strip

    Self pregnancy test strip

    Self pregnancy test strip happy life. You can diagnose easily, even day old, pregnancy with the help of happy life pregnancy test strip.

    Package contains: Each package contains 25 test strips. You can even buy it as a single sachet of pregnancy test strip.

    Self pregnancy test strip

    How to perform:

    1. Take fresh sample of urine in a clean bowl. If it was taken some time earlier, it must not be more than 1 hour old.
    2. Take out the strip from the sachet. (use the opened strip within one hour)
    3. Dip the strip in urine in such a way that the arrow sign is pointing towards the earth. Also, make sure that the level of urine remains beneath the line under the arrow sign.
    4. After 5 seconds, take out the strip band and place it on a dry place.
    5. Wait for 5 minutes for results.
    6. If the test is positive, two red lines will appear in the middle of the strip.
    7. If the test is negative, only one red line will appear in the middle of the strip
    8. If no sign appears, even after 5 minutes, take a new sample of urine and try again.
    Self pregnancy test strip back

    Manufacturer and buying:

    Self-pregnancy test strip is imported and manufactured by:  Udl Distribution.

    This is a link to the manufactured below: udl-distribution-pvt-ltd-5263.html

    You can buy it online at link below:

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