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    AZOBAR (AZITHROMYCIN FOR ORAL SUSPENSION U.S.P.) “Taste Masked” Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Powder for 15ml oral suspension is used to treat or prevent certain kinds of bacterial infections.

    Package contains: The package contains a bottle with approximately 15 ml oral suspension & a leaflet. It is also available in 250 mg and 500 mg film-coated tablets.



    15ml suspension when reconstituted Each 5ml contains:

     Azithromycin U.S.P. 200mg as dihydrate.

    Dosage: Use as directed by the physician. (See literature insert for details).

    Preparation of suspension:

    To prepare 15ml suspension add 7.5ml boiled cooled water to the powder by using the given measuring device & shake well. Keep the cap tightly closed after use.

    Store the suspension in the refrigerator & use it within 5 days. Discard any unused suspension. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

    AZOBAR back


    Do not store above 300C.

    Keep away from moisture, heat, light, and children.

    To be dispensed on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.


    Patients with known hypersensitivity to azithromycin, erythromycin, any macrolide or ketolide drug.

    Patients with a history of cholestatic jaundice/hepatic dysfunction associated with prior use of azithromycin.

    This medicine is not recommended for use in pregnant and breastfeeding women unless necessary.


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