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    Ceffest (CEFIXIME) is a 100mg/5m1 dry suspension, which makes 30ml when reconstituted.

    Pack contains: One pack of ceffest contains 100mg/5ml dry suspension and a measuring spoon.



    Each reconstituted 5ml contains:

    Cefixime (as Trihydrate) 100mg.

    (USP Specs.).

    Dosage As directed by the physician.


    Store below 30°C.

    Protect from sunlight & moisture.

    Directions for preparation

    Fill with given water up to the mark 30m1 on the bottle & shake vigorously.

    Ceffest back

    Shake well before use.

    Keep tightly closed after use.

    Suspension can be used up to 7 days if stored at room temperature and for 14 days if stored in the refrigerator.

    Keep out of the reach of children. For the accurate measurement of dosage, a spoon is provided.


    This medication is used to treat infections caused by sensitive organisms in the respiratory or airway system.

    Also urinary tract, skin and soft tissue, and biliary tract which include gallbladder and ducts that run into the liver.

    Side effects:

    Some people may experience hypersensitivity as a result of taking this drug. This medicine’s common adverse effects include stomach upset/pain, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, and dizziness.

    If the side effects worsen or persist, contact the doctor immediately.

    Manufacturing and purchasing:

    Ceffest is manufactured by FESTAL LABORATORIES. ^(

    To purchase the medicine online, visit the link given below: ^(


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