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    Hedazol (Metronidazole B.P) 60ml suspension is use for the treatment of Amoebiasis, Giardiasis, Trichomoniasis and Acute ulcerative gingivitis.

    Package contains: Each package contains a bottle with 60ml syrup in the form of liquid 200mg/5ml.



    Each 5ml (1 teaspoonful) contains:

    Metronidazole Benzoate Metronidazole B.P 200mg.

    (BP specs).


    This medicine is used for:

    • Amebiasis (this medicine is used for the treatment of amebiasis, a parasitic infection that affects the intestine and also for the treatment of amebic liver abscess).
    • Trichomoniasis (which is a sexually transmitted disease caused by tricomonas vaginalis.
    • Bacterial infections.
    • Giardiasis (used for treatment of giardiasis, which is an infection of the small intestine caused by giardia.
    • Sexually transmitted diseases prophylaxis (to prevent sexually transmitted diseases it is used).etc

     Usual Dosage

    Adults One to two teaspoonful 3 times daily
    Children (2-6 years) 1/2 –one teaspoonful 3 times daily
    Children (6-12 years) One teaspoonful 3 times daily

    Or as advised by the physician.

    Side effects

    Hedazol may cause many side effects some of which are.

    • Blurred vision.
    • Drowsiness.
    • Headache.
    • Fast heartbeat etc.

    If any of these side effects occur and worsen so contact your doctor immediately.

    Precautions and Warning

     Before using this medicine:

    • Do not exceed the stated dose.
    • Share your medical history with your doctor before using this medicine.
    • Avoid its use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Use only on medical advice.
    Hedazol 2


    • Store below 30°C.
    • Shake well before use.
    • Protect from sunlight, heat and moisture.
    • Keep medicine away from children reach.
    • Do not exceed the stated dose.

    To be sold on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.

    Manufactured by: Heal Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.

    You can buy Hedazol online at the link below:



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