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    Kufzit syrup 60ml (Enough with the cough) is a combination of authentic homeopathic medicines that relieves cold & cough.

    Package contains: Each package contains a bottle of 60ml syrup. It is also available in 120ml, 240ml, 450ml syrups. It is available in tablets. Also available capsules.



    Each 10ml contains

    Am. carb 3 = 0.0371ml

    Ant. sul. Aur.6 = 0.0371ml

    Bryonia 3 = 0.0371ml

    Ipecac 3 = 0.0371ml

    Justicea 3= 0.0371ml

    Rumex = 0.0371ml

    Tm tea. 3 = 0.0371ml

    Excipients q.s


    Adults: One tablespoon three times a day

    Children: One teaspoon three times a day

    Infants: ½ teaspoon three times a day.

    Indication & Usage:Kufzit back

    Helps to relieve the following symptoms

    • Cough due to cold and flu with fever, pneumonia, sore & irritating throat with chest congestion.
    • Helps in the expulsion of phlegm
    • Improve the breathing problems in asthmatic conditions.
    • Useful in whooping cough for reducing the severity.


    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • Avoid direct sunlight & moisture
    • After use keep the bottle tightly closed
    • Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.
    • For details see the enclosed leaflet.


    It is manufactured by Kamal laboratories.

    You can buy this drug online by going to the link below:


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