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    Podina Sharbat-e-podina is white syrup. It is 100% pure unani preparation and gives relief in a few minutes from all types of abdominal disorders and all kinds of indigestion Enteritis.

    Its name means the liquid of mint. This syrup is a homeopathic medication made of mint leaves for quick relief. Mint is really good for health and it has many benefits.

    Package contains: Each package contains 240ml Sharbat-e-podina syrup.



    Each 10ml contains

    Menth piperit 0.005gm

    Foeniculumvulagare (B.P) 0.005gm

    Menthol (B.P) 0.003gm

    Camphor (B.P) 0.0024gm

    Sodiumbicarbonate (B.P) 0.24gm


    Children: one teaspoonful three times daily or as directed by the physician.

    Adults: two teaspoonfuls three times daily or as directed by the physician.

    Indication: Podina syrup can be indicated alone or combined with other medication in all types of abdominal disorders such as loss of weight, Gastritis Hypersensitivity, Gastric, Gastritis, Gastralgia.Podina back

    It is also used for Dyspepsia of all kinds indigestion Enteritis, Spasmodic pain/Colic, Gastro intestinal Gases, Chronic Abdomen, etc.

    Precautions: Shake well before use. Keep the medicine away from children. Keep the bottle tightly closed. Store in a cool &dry place.

     Manufacturer and buy online:

    Manufactured by: Falcon Laboratories Pvt Ltd. ^(

    You cannot buy it online, you can find it in any pharmacy nearby you.

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