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Sharbat FAULAD

    Sharbat FAULAD

    Sharbat FAULAD of Qarshi is a compound of fine quality iron and other components which provide energy to nerves and the stomach.

    It is the well-known tonic of Unani and Ayurvedic System of Medicine that increases the production of blood by improving the functions of the liver and stomach. Sharbat FAULAD is helpful in the growth of children and beneficial for anemia. It can be used by persons of all ages and in all seasons.

     Package Contains: The package contains a bottle with approximately 240ml solution & a leaflet.

    Sharbat FAULAD


     Each 10ml contains:

     Herbal Extract (Iron Compound Solution Nux-vomica Solution, Raspberry, Screw Pine) 0.0757 ml

    Allura Red (E-129) 4.57 mg


     Sodium Benzoate 13.73 mg

    The above weights of ingredients are taken before extraction processing & blending in a palatable base.


     Adults: 2 tablespoonsful twice a day after meals.

    Children: 1 tablespoonful twice a day after meals.

     To be used after mixing in water, milk, or fruit juice.

     OR as directed by the physician. Shake well before use Keep away from sunlight and children.


    Improves the functioning of the liver. Effective in anemia and increases red blood cells. An effective tonic for females especially during pregnancy and lactation. Beneficial for a child’s growth.

    Sharbat FAULAD back

    Side Effects:

     No side effects were reported.

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    This medicine is manufactured by Qarshi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. ^(

    And buy it online atL: ^(


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