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    Ascard-75 is from the Aspirin family which is also named Acetylsalicylic Acid. This acid is efficient in relieving internal pain, fever, and internal inflammations. A 75mg dosage of Acetylsalicylic Acid is contained in Ascard-75.

    It is usually suggested as an anticoagulant for blood and platelets. Anti-coagulant is commonly beneficial in cardiovascular ailments for preventing blood clotting.

    Cardiovascular disorders such as angina, ischemic stroke, heart attack, prophylaxis in surgical thromboembolism, and prophylaxis of myocardial infraction are treated using this medicine.

    At minor levels, Ascard-75 is used to treat headache, arthritis pain, toothache, muscles pain, and inflammation.

    Although as mentioned on the box of medicine, patients whoever had ulcer should consult the doctor or physician before taking this medicine. Also for a pregnant female, the medicine is highly prohibited in the last 3 months of pregnancy.

    Another level of dosage of this medicine is available with the name Ascard Plus. Its composition has an addition of 81mg Clopidogrel in it.

    Clopidogrel is assorted with 75mg Acetylsalicylic Acid. Both components work together for rapid aid in cardiovascular disorders.

    Pregnant women must seek a doctor’s consultation before taking Ascard-75 in any form because this medicine can cause serious difficulties in the fetus and also increase the chance of complications during pregnancy. Other side effects may include heartburn.

    Ascard-75 is only available in form of film-coated capsules and no injection for this medicine is yet available. So it is only used orally. Although this medicine is used for multi-purposes you should consult the doctor or physician for the right treatment and time of using the medicine.Ascard-75 back

    Ascard-75 is originally manufactured by Atco Laboratories Limited. Brief information and usage are written at the back of the medicine box and on the official website of Atco.

    It can be purchased online from and


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