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    Deslavid (Desloratadine) is an anti-allergic medication used to get rid of any seasonal allergy.


    Pack contains: The pack has 2 film coated tablets along with an enclosed informational leaflet.


    It is only available in a 5mg dose.

    Each film coated tablet is composed of 5 mg Desloratadine (USP).

    Dosage: The dose should be as directed by a physician or doctor. See the inserted package for more dosage instructions.

    Uses: Deslavid is used to treat allergies either internal or external. Desloratadine is effective in nasal allergies such as nausea, watery eyes, hay fever, and itching or redness of the nose and eyes. Further, this medicine is recommended for skin allergies such as itchy and inflammation of the skin due to any allergy.

    Deslavid back


    Store in an area having no sunlight, heat, and moisture.

    Prevent storing above 30 degrees Celsius.

    Keep all medicines out of reach of the children.

    Use for oral purposes only.

    Side effects: Deslavid can cause temporary itching and inflammation of the skin. The patients using Desloratadine for a long time can experience headaches, weakness, and uncomfortable with their allergy. Other minor side effects include dizziness, runny nose, and sneezing.

    Patients having hypersensitivity to Desloratadine should consult their doctor before using this medicine. If side effects get worse, seek a doctor immediately.


    Deslavid is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories.

    To buy online, visit.



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