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    Diamicron MR modified-release tablet Gliclazide 60mg contains gliclazide that reduces blood sugar levels (oral antidiabetic medicine belonging to the sulfonylurea group).


    Packaging: Diamicron 60mg is a white oblong modified-release tablet, scored and engraved ‘DIA 60’ on both faces. The tablets are available in blister packed in a carton of 20 scored tablets. (manufacturer specifications).


    Each tablet contains:

    Gliclazide B.P. 60mg.

    Excipients: q.s. for one modified-release tablet.


    • The actual dose is determined by the doctor, depending on your blood and possibly urine sugar levels.
    • A change in external factors (weight reduction, change in lifestyle, stress) or improvements in the blood sugar control may require change in gliclazide doses.
    • The recommended daily dose is half to two tablets ( maximum 120mg) in a single intake at breakfast time Or as directed by the physacian.


    Diamicron is used in adults, in a certain form of diabetes (type 2 diabetes mellitus)  when diet, exercise and,  weight loss alone do not have sufficient effect on keeping blood sugar at the correct level.

    It decreases the blood sugar level by increasing the amount of insulin (that controls blood glucose level).

    Instructions/Storage conditions:

    • Diamicron tablet is for oral use.
    • Take your tablet with a glass of water at breakfast time (and preferably at the same time each day).
    • Swallow the tablet in one piece. Do not chew or crush.
    • Must eat a meal after taking your tablet.
    • Protect from direct light, heat and, moisture.
    • Keep this medicine out of the reach of the children.
    • This medicine doesn’t require any special storage conditions.

    Adverse effects:

    The most commonly observed side effects are:

    Diamicron 2
    • Liver disorders
    • Skin disorders
    • Digestive disorders
    • Eye disorders.

    Warnings and precautions:

    • Talk to your doctor before taking the medicine.
    • You should follow the prescription given by your doctor to achieve proper blood sugar levels.
    • Apart from regular tablet intake, to observe the dietary regimen, you must have physical exercise and, where necessary, reduce weight.
    • This medicine is not suggested to use during pregnancy.
    • You must not take Diamicron 60mg, modified-release tablet while you are breastfeeding.

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