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    Mydocalm (Tolperisone) film-coated Tablets are used for Painful reflex muscle spasms and other conditions. Mydocalm Tablet may also additionally be used for functions not listed here.

    It belongs to the category of “Miorelaxants of the central actions” drugs. It contains tolperisone hydrochloride as the main ingredient that is used for Painful reflex muscle spasms also known as muscle cramps. Mydocalm tablet also contains lactose monohydrate lactose, it has excellent compressibility properties.

    Package contains: Each pack of Mydocalm contains 30 tablets of 150 mg film-coated tablets.


    Active ingredient:

    Each film-coated tablet contains 150 mg tolperisone hydrochloride.

    Includes also lactose monohydrate. 

    Dosage: Use as directed by a medical practitioner. Read the enclosed leaflet before use.

    Side Effects:

       Some side effects of these tablets are:

    Mydocalm back

    •             Tiredness.

    •             Dizziness.

    •             Nausea.

    •             Mouth dryness.

    •             Increase in liver enzymes.

    •             Dry mouth.

    •             Vomiting.

    If you be aware of different side effects no longer listed above, contact your physician for scientific advice. You may additionally document side effects to your nearby meals and drug administration authority.


    For Oral use. Store between 15-30°C. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. subject to medical prescription.


    Manufacture By: GEDEON RICHTER PLC:

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