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    Novodol (Levonorgestrel with Ethinylestradiol) (Low dose) (Family Planning Pills) tablet lessens the changes of menopause. It stops the ovary from releasing egg during the menstrual cycle.

    Package Contains: It contains 21 tablets.



    Composition of each strip:

    21 white-coated tablets, each contains:

    Levonorgestrel USP 0.15mg

    Ethinylestradiol USP 0.03mg

    (USP Specification)

    7 brown coated tablets, each contains:

    Ferrous Fumarate BP 75mg

    (BP Specification)


    One tablet daily, preferably at bedtime, from 1st day to 28th day of menstrual cycle, counting first day of menstruation as first day of menstrual cycle.

    Uses: It controls pregnancy (means stops women’s ovaries from ovulating). This drug is used for Hormonal contraceptives.


    Before taking this type of drug it is necessary to consult your doctor. If you are pregnant then contact your doctor so any problem may not occur.

    Side effects:

    Allergic rejection, Infertility (if continuously used), Amenorrhea, Headache, Vaginal Bleeding.


    Store below 30oC and protect form light. Read accompanying information. Keep out of each of children. To be sold and used on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.

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    Manufactured by: Zafa Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd. Pharmaceutical Company Zafa ^(

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