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Tapento IR

    Tapento IR

    Tapento IR (Tapentadol) is a tablet as an innovator’s specs. This medicine is an instant pain relief medication. It inhibits the cells from sending pain signals and hence reliefs from the external pain over the skin.

    Tapento IR

    Package contains: 10 film coated tablets of 75mg.


    Each film coated tablet contains:

    Tapentadol HCL MS equivalent to.

    Tapentadol 75mg.

    Dosage: As described by the physician. For oral use only.

    Uses: This medicine is taken orally to get relief from short-term pain such as the pain of an injury or any wound over the skin. It is not for internal pain relief. The dosage and further usage are directed by the doctor or physician.

    Side effects:

    Tapento IR may cause hypersensitivity in some patients.

    Minor side effects include dizziness and nausea.

    Other side effects may include stomach ache, weakness, and irritation.

    If any unpleasant effect is seen in the patient, contact the doctor immediately.

    Tapento IR back


    Keep out of reach of children.

    Avoid exposure to heat, light, and humidity.

    Store between 15 to 30°C.

    Improper storage may deteriorate the medicine.

    Only to be sold on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner.

    Manufacturing and purchasing:

    Tapento IR is manufactured by SAMI Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd.

    To buy online, go to the following link.


    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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