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    Theragran-M tablets (For daily Nutritional Requirements Advanced Multivitamin, Multimineral Supplement Formula for Health Vigour & Vitality).

    It is a multivitamin product used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency due to poor diet, certain illnesses, or during pregnancy. Vitamins are important building blocks of the body and help keep you in good health.

    Package Contains: Each Package Theragran – M Contains 30 tablets.


    Each film coated tablet contains:

    • VITAMINS:                     
      • VitaminA 5,500 IU
      • Vitamin D 400 IU
      • Vitamin E 30 IU
      • Vitamin C 120 mg
      • Vitamin B¹ 3 mg
      • Vitamin B² 3.4 mg
      • Niacin 30 mg
      • Vitamin B₆  3 mg
      • Vitamin B₁₂ 9 mcg
      • Pantothenic Acid 10 mg
      • Folic Acid 0.4 mg
      • Biotin 15 mcg
    • MINERALS:  Iron 27 mg
      • Iodine 150 mcg
      • Magnesium 100 mg
      • Copper 2 mg
      • Zinc 15 mg
      • Manganese 5 mg
      • Calcium 40 mg
      • Selenium 10 mcg
      • Chromium 15 mcg
      • Molybdenum 15 mcg

    ELECTROLYTES:  Potassium 7.5 mg

    • Chloride 7.5 mg

      GSK Specifications.

    Before Theragran – M is sold GlaxoSmithKline performs over 400 Quality Control tests to assure product quality. Free from salt and sugar.

    Dosage: 1 tablet daily or as per the doctor’s advice.

    How it Works: Multivitamin and mineral supplements are used to provide higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals for prenatal nutrition, iron deficiency, and nutritional deficiency.

    Theragran-M back

    They work by increasing levels of certain vitamins and minerals in the body.

    Side Effects:

    • Constipation.
    • Diarrhea.
    • Stomach may occur.

    If any of these effects persist or worsen, contact your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

    Instructions: Store below 25°C. Avoid excessive heat. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. To be sold on the prescription of registered medical practitioners only.


    Manufactured by:  GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited.

    You Can Buy This Medicine Online from:


    BY: Yusra Amjad

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