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Xtin CR

    Xtin CR

    Xtin CR (Paroxetine as HCl) Tablet is used to treat the symptoms of panic disorder, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social phobia. It is composed of the active ingredient Paroxetine, and it is belonging to the group of medicines known as an anti-depressant.

    It is used to prevent, control, and treat the symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic disorder, feeling low, and social phobia. It works by changing your mood and boosting energy levels. It can also be effective in restoring your routine activities. It restores the balance of natural substances found in your brain, like serotonin.

    Package contains: Each pack of Xtin CR contains 30 tablets of 12.5mg. it is also available as: Xtin Cr 25mg.

    Composition: Xtin CR

    Each controlled release film coated tablet contains:

    Paroxetine (as HCl) 12.5mg.

    (Siam Specs)

    Dosage: As prescribed by the physician. Or see package insert for full prescribing information.

    Side effects:

    The common and uncommon side effects are including: Xtin CR back

    • Hypersensitivity
    • Allergic reactions
    • Dizziness
    • Trouble breathing
    • Vomiting

    Instructions: Store at room temperature. Protect from light, moisture and excessive heat. Keep this and all drugs out of reach of children. To be sold on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.


    Manufacture By: Siam Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd:

    Marketed By: Cell Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd:

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