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Kent Euphrasia

    Kent Euphrasia

    Kent Euphrasia is a homeopathic medicine used for the eyes in form of drops.

    Kent Euphrasia

    Package contains: 15 ml eye drops.


    Euphrasia Ø, Ruta Ø, and Boric acid 1x.

    Dosage: Consult the physician for dosage instructions.

    Uses: Euphrasia is useful in relieving red, itchy, and dry eyes. Patients having catarrh are recommended to use it too.

    Further, it is used in the treatment of blisters on the cornea, removing dirt from eyes, Opacities, and ptosis.

    Side effects: The drops can cause irritation for a short interval of time, also it may taste bad in the throat, and cause irritation in the nose.

    Patients having hypersensitivity to any ingredient used in the manufacturing of this medicine, should consult their doctor prior to using it. If side effects get out of hand, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

    Kent Euphrasia back


    • Store in a cool place.
    • Keep away from reach of children.
    • Use for external purpose i.e. in eyes only.
    • Close the cap of bottle tightly after using.
    • Prevent going into sun and dusty area after using the drops.
    • Consult the doctor before using these drops if you ever had any eye operation or serious eye disease.
    • Do not use the drops while wearing artificial contact lenses.

    Manufactured & Buy online link:

    Kent Euphrasia is manufactured by KENT Homeopathic Pharmacy.

    To buy online, go to.


    By: Nosheen Khan

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