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    Wintogeno Wintogeno (Methyl Salicylate BP 12.17 % W/W) is a balm for external use only. It contains no animal fats. Pack contains: The pack contains… Read More »Wintogeno


      Lilac Lilac (Lactulose) is a 120ml syrup USP. Pack contains: The pack contains Lilac 120ml syrup and a leaflet enclosed. Composition: Each 5ml contains: Lactulose… Read More »Lilac


        ZincDay ZincDay (Zinc Sulphate) is 60ml syrup in strawberry mixed fruit flavor. It is used for the treatment of Zinc deficiency and diarrhea. PACK CONTAINS:… Read More »ZincDay


          Arixime Arixime (Cefixime) USP is powder for oral suspension 200mg/5ml (30ml) after reconstitution. It’s a third-generation Cephalosporin Antibiotic in orange flavor. It is used to… Read More »Arixime


            CHEWCAL CHEWCAL (Calcium + Vitamin D3 Formula) health crafts chewable tablets are in butterscotch flavour. Pack contains: The box contains 30 tablets. composition: Each tablet… Read More »CHEWCAL


              ONERGY ONERGY (Essential Fatty Acid, Vitamins & Minerals) is a Dietary Supplement (capsule) that is something for everyone and strengthens the Body from top to… Read More »ONERGY

              FEM-X FORTE

                FEM-X FORTE FEM-X FORTE HealthAid is a Food Supplement containing 30 Capsules of EPO 1000mg with Vitamin E 27 IU 10% GLA that helps in… Read More »FEM-X FORTE


                  Septran Septran (CO-trimoxazole) Paediatric Suspension is a 50 ml (approx.) syrup USP. It is given in the morning and evening after every 12 hours. Pack… Read More »Septran


                    Ziabex-M Ziabex-M (Vildagliptin + Metformin HCI) 50mg + 500mg tablet is used to treat diabetes type-2 Mellitus. Vildagliptin works in part by increasing the amount… Read More »Ziabex-M