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    Arixime (Cefixime) USP is powder for oral suspension 200mg/5ml (30ml) after reconstitution. It’s a third-generation Cephalosporin Antibiotic in orange flavor.

    It is used to treat bacterial infections.

    Package contains: This pack contains 1 bottle of powder for reconstitution, 1 bottle of water for reconstitution (20ml), and 1 dispensing spoon.Arixime


    Each 5 ml contains:

    Cefixime Trihydrate USP eq. to Cefixime 200mg after reconstitution.

    Directions for reconstitution:

    Shake or tap the bottle to loosen the powder. Add half of provided water to the contents in the bottle, invert & shake to wet the power. Then and remaining half of the water and shake well to make a suspension.

    Usual dosage:

    1-4 years: 5ml Daily.

    5-9 years: 10ml Daily.

    10-12 years: 15ml Daily.

    As prescribed by the physician.


    • The reconstitution suspension can be used within 7 days if stored at temperatures (15° – 30° C).
    • Keep away from heat and light & children.
    • See the insert for detailed information.
    • To be sold on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.
    • Store in a dark & dry place at temperature (15° – 30° C) in dry form.

    Side effects:

    Arixime may cause dizziness and in some patients, the ingredients may cause hypersensitivity. Contact the doctor in case of any severe effects.

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    Arixime is manufactured by ARP (Pvt) Limited:

    to buy online, go to:


    By: Nosheen Khan

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